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Our Story

After several years of assisting businesses in optimizing their visibility, we failed to find an existing tool that could provide a deeper understanding of their communities across the entire web, from an almost personalized perspective, precise and attuned to their daily expectations. Thus, the initial idea for Emoticonnect was born: to address consumers' emotional needs while conveying to brands our human, creative, and marketing expertise.

The Birth of Emoticonnect


Lady Gaga

At the age of 16, noticed by entertainment majors for her ability to unite and analyze the digital performance of artists, she follows Lady Gaga to Los Angeles, marking the beginning of an exciting adventure and professional experience.

Her innovative "influence" strategy played a decisive role in the rise of the international star, notably through the creation of her fan club and her participation in her digital strategy. However, despite the incredible buzz of Los Angeles, Marie listened to the whispers of her heart and returned to France.


Press Relations
and Digital Activation
at Universal


 of MaComAgency


of Emoticonnect!

Recognition of her talent came swiftly, and at the age of 19, Universal opened its doors to her, making her the youngest employee at Universal. She worked alongside Valéry Zeitoun, actively contributing to press relations and digital activation for artists.

In 2012, at the age of 21, Marie paved her own path by founding MaComAgency, a marketing communication agency. She collaborated with artists, hotels, brands, leaving her mark on memorable projects such as the "Sister Act" show at Mogador.

Marie Argence has forged an unconventional path in the world of entertainment and emotional marketing, leaving an indelible mark on the industry. From her adolescence, her fervent passion for music sparked boundless creativity within her, leading her to become a pioneer of social media by creating fan communities on conversation forums.

Today, at 34, Marie Argence is writing a new chapter with the launch of Emoticonnect. An innovative technology, based on conversational and analytical AI, aimed at measuring consumer emotions. Going beyond superficial metrics, Marie aspires to give brands an authentic understanding of consumer emotions to guide their marketing strategies.

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