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What emotions do you provoke to your clients through the actions of your teams?

The web is filled with billions of comments posted every day. Emoticonnect helps you dissect this data by highlighting the emotions expressed by your consumers, enabling you to excel in your brand positioning and ROI.

A comprehensive solution

We guide you in the long term, with kindness, throughout every step of your journey.


Customized audit

Let's define together your positioning, context, and real customer personas through a personalized emotional analysis, drawn from thousands of textual and visual feedback on the web, integrating the themes of your activity


and training

Our team remains at your disposal and provides you with evolving reports every month to track your emotional progression


Emotional Analysis
and Consumer Insights

The personalized analysis enables you to highlight the strengths and weaknesses of your offering with very detailed and comprehensive data provided spontaneously by your customers

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The audit, including personalized analysis, highlights the performance areas to focus on to achieve better emotional results in the long term.

The benefits


A concrete action plan

A comprehensive and precise retrospective of mentions of your company across the entire web by keywords and themes


A clear and concise reporting

Intuitive and engaging statistics, understandable by all your team members, to involve all your departments in optimizing your performance


A thorough study

An unprecedented emotional analysis based on the work of neuroscientists and categorized with researchers from CNRS.


Our complementary expertise

The combination of technology and human expertise from a team of marketing experts to optimize your performance and develop highly personalized strategies

How does
it work?

After an initial discussion, we determine together the themes and channels of analysis. Emoticonnect then takes over with its machine learning expertise to analyze all semantic feedback and provide a detailed and precise mapping of the emotional environment related to business development themes. A statistical output accompanied by human explanation and customized performance support in France and internationally.

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A 360-degree support

Beyond emotional analysis, we offer complementary and customized expertise to ensure that your experience is as optimized and efficient as possible.

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Social media management, creation of visuals tailored to your brand, advice, and implementation of targeted customer acquisition tools.

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Development of select events and unique brand partnerships.

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Daily support in your performance and customer appreciation.

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Artistic direction

Creation of your visual identities, communication materials, or websites.

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Brand strategy

Personalized advice and support for your brand projects and launches...

If you're professionals and have a complementary solution to ours,
feel free to reach out to us.

What does a reporting look like?

We provide you with a document containing the positioning, persona analysis, competitive study, overall emotional analysis, theme variations, as well as specific development strategies.

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