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Why are “Neuro-Marketing Centric” campaigns twice as effective?

Did you know that several studies have shown that marketing campaigns using emotional marketing succeed 31% of the time, compared to only 16% for traditional marketing campaigns? When we began our fundamental research, we were already firmly convinced that the power of emotions to create impactful and memorable marketing campaigns was the ultimate source of performance. From the perspective of both brands and consumers, the goal is to create a loyal and unbreakable bond that lasts a lifetime (sounds dreamy, right?). Emotions play a crucial role in how consumers perceive messages and connect with brands. Our emotions characterize us as humans and are the fundamental principle of our connection to our daily lives in every sense of the word.

Why did we choose to work on emotions in Neuro-Marketing?

Before we could offer technological solutions to simplify this approach and connection (which we will discuss in future articles), let's focus for a moment on the three main pillars we aim to strengthen:

  1. Increased Engagement: Emotions capture attention and create a deep connection with the audience. When an advertisement evokes strong emotions, it naturally attracts more engagement and elicits a more intense reaction.

  2. Memorization: Emotional messages are more easily remembered and recalled. A marketing campaign that makes people laugh, cry, or think has a higher chance of being etched in the consumers' memory, thereby enhancing brand recognition.

  3. Action: Emotions prompt people to take action, whether it's to buy, subscribe, or share. An effective emotional marketing campaign can turn users into active and loyal customers by motivating them to take concrete actions.

What approach methodology in Neuro-Marketing / Emotional Marketing?

To help you understand the emotional impact of your business, we first need to focus on an analysis methodology. Enter into deep reflection (yes, it's almost like meditation ^^) and bring out all the points that suit and do not suit you from a human perspective.

Trust your clients and encourage your employees to think about improving their daily lives in terms of product development, strategy development, but also to enhance your employer brand.

Study your competitors, delve into the depths of the digital world, and let the magic of creativity bring out the best.

Through a long testing phase and a partnership with researchers, we have had the opportunity to develop technology that supports you in this analysis process by adding a touch of semantic AI, Data Science, all with a fun and deeply human approach.

Decipher millions of emotional reactions from your audience to optimize your campaigns and maximize their effectiveness. Yes, it’s possible!

Have you ever thought about it? Share your experience and point of view in the comments. Thank you for reading, see you next week.

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